riveth_86 (riveth_86) wrote in cosmic_cosplay,

x-posted to karienta and riveth_86

karienta is going to be cosplaying Mama-Elric at Otakon, and I wanna cosplay from FMA, too. But I can't decide which cosplay I want to do. (And since I don't want to cosplay Ed and have to make a metal arm..) So I'm going to go as either Envy or Wrath.

But I can't decide. ;-;

Neither make any sense (they do to us but whatever.) I just want an opinion on who I should do.


Wrath- Karie could be insane!Sloth and be all motherly to me. XD Mama!

Envy- I could pretend to turn into Trisha to terrorize all the Eds at the con. :D Plus I could pick on Trisha and hold her for ransom.
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